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THIN BRIDLE Slim System Notebook (Bible size)


Compact slim design with ring diameter of 11mm, the new bible size system notebook

Bible-sized system notebook made in collaboration by Shumibun magazine and GANZO. The ring diameter is 11mm, and is simply designed without a ring guard. The left side of the organizer has a flat pocket for refills and an opening, and the right side has a flap pocket that can be accessed from both inside and outside. It is useful for temporary storing memos and business cards. The square back allows for easy opening, and the compact design also makes it easy to write in.

Thin Bridle

The bridle leather on the front is combined with oiled shoulder tanned leather on the interior to give it a suppleness that makes it easy to handle and a toughness that makes it flexible and adaptable. It is a hybrid series that is smart enough to fit in with tight fashions, has the presence of the original leather, and can also be enjoyed as it ages.

Bridle series

This bridle leather is made by J&E Sedgwick in England. The leather is tanned using traditional methods. The more it is used, the more character shows. The wax that floats gradually from the inside of the leather provides a matte appearance at the beginning of use, but as it is used more and more, friction and oil from the hand give it a unique sheen. It is a material that allows you to enjoy your own "hand glazing" as it ages.

Dimensions (cm) Height 18.3 × Width 10.2 × Thickness 2.4
Material Bovine Leather
Specifications 6-hole binder
Open pocket x 1
Pocket x 1
Country of Origin Japan
Product Code 57752


  • We have done our utmost to display the actual color of the products shown here, but the colors in the images may appear different depending on the computer, smartphone or monitor environment used. We ask for your understanding in this matter.
  • There may be scratches, irregular coloring, abrasion, creases (wrinkles from the actual animal), etc. on the surface of the leather but please note that these are the natural characteristics of the leather.
  • The wax peculiar to the bridal leather may rise to the surface.
  • The dark brown and navy are very close to black.

Since 1917

GANZO, the highest-quality line available anywhere, pursues the concept of “genuine” throughout the entire process, from the selection of materials, to cutting, thinning, sewing and polishing - without compromise. The persistence and energy of takumi (expert workmen) delivers products created by the hands of craftsman who are well-versed in Japanese culture and techniques.


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