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NOTICE:Due to COVID-19 conditions, there may be delays in order deliverling. Click Here Further Detail NOTICE:Due to COVID-19 conditions, there may be delays in order deliverling. Click Here Further Detail

Shopping Guide

Shipping fees, payment method


We are unable to accept orders that exceed 200,000 Japanese yen due to different customs clearance procedures.
If you are ordering more than one item and the total amount exceeds 200,000 yen, please place your orders separately so that the total amount is less than 200,000 yen per order.
*Please make sure to enter your order information in English.
If information is in other languages, errors may occur in details such as the delivery address.

Shipping & Delivery

Due to various reasons, there may be delays in deliverling or we can't ship any orders with our courier EMS or UPS.
At this moment, we can ship to mainly Asian countries and the United States.
Sorry for inconvinience, but if you need further informations, please refer the followling URL about official announcement of EMS's service.
For other regions and countries, please contact us in advance.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Shipping costs

For shipping, we charge 5,000 yen for bags and 2,000 yen for other small leather goods.
The total amount to be paid by the customer is the price of the product plus shipping charges.

Customs and taxes

Depending on the area of delivery, local taxes and state taxes may be added when receiving your package. We kindly ask for your understanding.

Designating delivery dates

Delivery date cannot be specified. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Payment method

We accept the credit cards.

・Credic Card
We accept the following credit cards:
Visa Mastercard AmericanExpress
* Installment payments depend on the credit card company. Please contact the card company for further details.

Credit invoice date : The payment will be the product shipping date.
Credit card usage : Due to security concerns, credit card usage restraints are not sent. Please confirm your statement sent by your card company.

Compatible models

Since our online store does not support the purchase of products using flip phones, please purchase via PC, smartphone, or tablet PC.