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SHELL CORDOVAN 2 Business Card Holder

¥46,000 ¥46,000

It is now easier to insert your business cards

With the improved gusseted pocket, it is now easier to take out or hold your business cards.

A card case that gives off a good impression in business

With such an elegant and beautiful business card holder, it will give off a deeper impression compared to any jewelry. Made of top quality leather Shell Cordovan, this business card holder is very sturdy and can be used for a long time. Even when scratched, the leather quality maintains a beauty that always impresses. The gusseted pocket holds up to 30 business cards without folding them. You can also enjoy the change in color and luster that fits nicely in your hand.


A series that uses Horween Leather's Shell Cordovan for the inside as well. With a rich oil content, the Shell Cordovan has a soft luster and texture. It has a natural finish where you can see pores and capillary marks called pinholes allowing you to enjoy the natural change of color and glossy look in the highest quality leather.

Dimensions (cm) Height 7.5 × Width 10.5 × Thickness 1.5
Material Horse Leather
Bovine Leather (Nume)
Specifications Business Card Holder
* Can hold approx. 30 regular size business cards
Card Slot x 2
Country of Origin Japan
Product Code 57575