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AVON created by British bridle leather and craftsmanship

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AVON created by British bridle leather and craftsmanship

AVON created by British bridle leather and craftsmanshipA new bridle leather series now available for the first time in 13 years

A new series of bridle leathers made by Thomas Ware, a long-established tannery in England, is now available.
The bridle leather, tanned and carefully finished over a long period of time, luxuriously used for both the interior and exterior, and finished with Japanese craftsmanship, including the traditional Japanese technique of organ gusset, and polishing with a cut edge.
An authentic product that GANZO has pursued with no compromise in materials and processes.

Thomas Ware & Sons, bridle leather,
a testament to its high quality

Thomas Ware & Sons is a long-established British tannery founded in 1840, with its headquarters and factory on a vast site on the banks of the River Avon in Bristol, a port city in Western England. River Avon is also the origin of the series' name. With approximately 400 pit tanks dug into the ground, it is one of the largest traditional tanneries in the UK. As a leading tannery in the UK, it inherits the traditional British vegetable tanning method, and was awarded the Queen's Award in 2018.

Thomas Ware's bridle leather is tanned with vegetable tannin over a long period of time, and at the final stage, waxes such as beeswax, taw wax, and vegetable oil are soaked into the leather by hand to increase its strength, durability, and water resistance. The wax soaked into the leather over a long period of time causes a white color to emerge on the surface, exhibiting the expression of truly authentic bridle leather.
All processes are done by hand making Thomas Ware's bridle leather the highest quality in the world.

Appeal of AVON with the world's
best leather and Japanese craftsmanship

No.1Double-sided bridle leather for full enjoyment

The bridle leather of the AVON series is dyed using a method called "shin-toshi (through-the core)" by allowing the dye to permeate through to the inside of the leather. Therefore, even the hard bridle leather can be flexibly folded and bent.
The AVON series, which is made of the finest bridle leather on both sides and finished with excellent craftsmanship, is completed only with Thomas Ware's through-the-core bridle leather.

No.2Elegant appearance born from color

British Green, one of the three colors available, is a traditional British color and is a color that exudes elegance and is exclusive to the AVON series. By matching the color of the stitching and leather, it gives an even more elegant impression.
The leather's cut surface is polished with a cut and polished technique that brings to life the skill of skilled craftsmen, and the coloring called "chako" also shows GANZO's unique attention to detail.

No.3Pursuing a new compact style using traditional techniques

The compact bifold wallet, coin purse, and business card case, all employ the traditional Japanese technique, the organ gusset. The new compact items, created with delicate craftsmanship, not only have a beautiful appearance, but are also highly functional, with the gusset extending outward for easy access.
Staple items such as long wallets and folded wallets have also evolved by fine-tuning their thickness and size to make them slimmer and user-friendly.

No.4Organ gusset, a unique gusset pursued by GANZO

Unlike ordinary gussets, the organ gusset has many parts and is complicated, and requires precise leather straining and cutting, as well as careful gluing and crimping. It is said that it is difficult to apply the accordion gusset on bridle leather, which is stiff and contains a lot of oil. However, GANZO dared to take on this challenge.
The beauty of the product is accentuated by the combination of the organ gusset, which is carefully tailored with bridle leather using the craftsman's proven skills, and polishing with a cut edge the leather's cut surface.

A one and only look that
changes with use

The white bloom (wax) unique to bridle leather that appears on the surface o the leather permeates into the interior of the leather as it is used for a long time, and gradually develops a glossy appearance. Enjoy the unique look that will eventually appear as the texture of the leather will mature over time.

How to care for the product

Polishing a new product with cream or wax will dull the surface of the leather and reduce its luster. At the beginning, simply wipe the surface with a soft, dry cloth. When the leather surface dries, apply a nourishing cream.

Since 1917

GANZO, the highest-quality line available anywhere, pursues the concept of “genuine” throughout the entire process, from the selection of materials, to cutting, thinning, sewing and polishing - without compromise. The persistence and energy of takumi (expert workmen) delivers products created by the hands of craftsman who are well-versed in Japanese culture and techniques.


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  • AVON created by British bridle leather and craftsmanship
    AVON created by British bridle leather and craftsmanship

    A new series of bridle leathers made by Thomas Ware, a long-established tannery in England, is now available.

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