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A Stitch in Time

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A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time

From design to inspection, GANZO never compromises on quality.
Our artisans have passed on their unchanging passion for their work since our founding.

I know a true quality doesn't simply come from excellence in technology.
It consists in crafting carefully and seeking the best over and over again.
That's what's absolutely important.

GANZO Meister Hideo Ono

My hands remember the sensation and pleasure when touching the product for the first time.
That's true even for those of the inspectors.
The more experience they have, the sharper their senses become.

Inspector Masao Shimodaira

Since 1917

GANZO, the highest-quality line available anywhere, pursues the concept of “genuine” throughout the entire process, from the selection of materials, to cutting, thinning, sewing and polishing - without compromise. The persistence and energy of takumi (expert workmen) delivers products created by the hands of craftsman who are well-versed in Japanese culture and techniques.


  • Life is Timeless
    Life is Timeless

    Scratches and wrinkles that are left on articles over time become evidence of an enriched life.Let's take a look at three stories that depict the fascinating relationships between people and leather.

  • AVON created by British bridle leather and craftsmanship
    AVON created by British bridle leather and craftsmanship

    A new series of bridle leathers made by Thomas Ware, a long-established tannery in England, is now available.

  • A Journey Tracing the 7QS-H
    A Journey Tracing the 7QS-H

    Hida beef is used for the leather of GANZO's 7QS-H. Originally, cows are raised with an emphasis on meat quality, and raising the quality of the meat naturally leads to a higher quality of leather.