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FRENCH CALF Bi-fold Wallet with Coin Purse


The classic bi-fold billfold

The standard men's wallet, the bi-fold billfold. In this series, it is simply and thinly made, with four card pockets and a one-room coin purse designed and sewn. The compact size does not get in the way even if it is stored in a jacket or pants pocket.

High-quality and sophisticated leather accessories

Aiming for a sophisticated item that is not the usual masculine GANZO, French calf from the prestigious French tannery DU PUY was used. The body of the bag is only black, and the metal fittings are unified in silver nickel color. We hope it will be used widely as a unisex item regardless of the occasion.

GANZO's wallet-making techniques are utilized to create thin wallets

The FRENCH CALF wallet is a challenge to make as a thin wallet. At first glance, it may seem contradictory to make a thin wallet while taking advantage of the "shrink (grain)" of the material, but a wallet should be thin, strong, and beautiful. This is achieved by making it thin while preserving the texture of the French calf. For the back, we used fluffy sheepskin leather and laminated it to the French calf so as not to spoil the original texture of the leather. The sewing is done by GANZO's skilled craftsmen, who pay close attention to every detail.

Dimensions (cm) Height 9.5 × Width 10.5 × Thickness 1.5
Material Bovine Leather
Specifications Card Slot x 4
Interior Pocket x 2
Coin Purse x 1
Bill Compartment x 1
Country of Origin Japan
Product Code 58962


  • We have done our utmost to display the actual color of the products shown here, but the colors in the images may appear different depending on the computer, smartphone or monitor environment used. We ask for your understanding in this matter.
  • There may be scratches, irregular coloring, abrasion, creases (wrinkles from the actual animal), etc. on the surface of the leather but please note that these are the natural characteristics of the leather.
  • In order to preserve the natural texture of the leather, no waterproofing or colorfastening treatment has been applied, which may cause color migration onto clothing. Please take care when using near water.

Since 1917

GANZO, the highest-quality line available anywhere, pursues the concept of “genuine” throughout the entire process, from the selection of materials, to cutting, thinning, sewing and polishing - without compromise. The persistence and energy of takumi (expert workmen) delivers products created by the hands of craftsman who are well-versed in Japanese culture and techniques.


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